Publishing on SavifaDok

5 reasons why to publish your work on SavifaDok:

  • Long-term archiving
  • Reference of your work in library catalogues and search engines
  • Standardized addresses and metadata
  • Publication of your work within a short time
  • Copyright will be protected and shall remain with the author

Who can publish on SavifaDok?

Everyone with a research interest in South Asia has the possibility to publish his academic work on our OpenAccess server.
By the way, more and more publishers allow their authors to publish parallel on OpenAcess servers - here you find information, if your publisher supports OpenAccess.

What kind of documents are accepted?

SavifaDok publishes academic literature in South Asian studies, e.g. research papers, dissertations, books and multi-media documents, which conform to formal academic standards.

In individual cases, the Savifa staff reserves the right to reject documents for publication on SavifaDok. For further information please read our Profil.

How to publish on Savifa?

The file upload on the server will be carried out by the staff of Savifa. We ask you to take the following steps in advance::

  1. Provide the document to be published in electronic format

    We prefer documents in PDF-format, but it is also possible to submit PostScript or HTML versions. If necessary, a document needs to be converted into one of these formats before we can upload the file on SavifaDok.
    The Library of the South Asia Institute reserves the right to convert documents into another file format, e.g. for technical reasons.

  2. Provide an abstract

    Please provide a brief abstract (max. 5,000 characters), preferably in German and English or English only.

  3. Step 3: Fill in the Copyright Agreement

    Fill in the form and sign it and send it by Mail or Fax to the address given in the Agreement. By signing this form authors transfer to the University Library the right to reproduce, make available to the public and store the document on its institutional server. Authors warrant that they are the sole owner of the submitted documents and that they have made no commitments with any other party prohibiting the rights of use stated above, that the document is original and does not infringe upon any copyright or any other right of any other party. By publishing on SavifaDok the authors retain their rights of use, particularly the right to publish the document in a book, journal or post it on other institutional repositories. With the help of SHERPA, a British Open Access initiative, authors can check the copyright policies of the most important publishers and their attitude towards self-archiving.

    Authors are liable to comply with copyright regulations. Authors will be solely responsible for publishing. The Library of the South Asia Institute and Heidelberg University Library assume no responsibility.

For further questions please read the FAQs or contact the Savifa-Team.