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Bandyopadhyay, Simanti ; Rao, M. Govinda (2009) Fiscal Health of Selected Indian Cities.

Ban, Radu ; Rao, Vijayendra (2009) Is Deliberation Equitable? Evidence from Transcripts of Village Meetings in South India.

Bhattacharya, Abhijit (2009) Archives of the Nation in Making: Public Institutions in the 19th Century and the Beginning of Modern Alternative Archives within a Contemporary Institutional Framework.

Brosius, Christiane (2009) Die Vorstellung vom "Neuen Indien": Anmerkungen zur unfassbaren Mittelklasse. In: Der Bürger im Staat, 59 (2009), Nr. 3-4. pp. 220-227. ISSN 0007-3121


Das Gupta, Monica ; Shukla, Rajendra ; Somanathan, T. V. ; Datta, K. K. (2009) How might India’s public health systems be strengthened?

Das Gupta, Monica ; Desikachari, B. R. ; Somanathan, T. V. ; Padmanaban, P. (2009) How to Improve Public Health Systems: Lessons from Tamil Nadu.

Deininger, Klaus ; Liu, Yanyan (2009) Economic and Social Impacts of Self-help Groups in India.


Ghani, Ejaz ; Anand, Rahul (2009) How Will Changes in Globalization Impact Growth in South Asia?

Gorawantschy, Beatrice ; Böhme, Martin-Maurice (2009) Parlamentswahlen in Indien: Wählervotum für klare politische Verhältnisse und einen säkularen Staat. In: KAS-Auslandsinformationen, 25 (2009), Nr. 5-6. pp. 77-105. ISSN 0177-7521

Gottschlich, Pierre (2009) Die Parlamentswahlen in Indien 2009. In: Internationales Asienforum, 40 (2009), Nr. 3/4. pp. 221-253. ISSN 0020-9449

Goyal, Sangeeta (2009) Contract Teachers. In: Pandey, Priyanka (Hrsg.): Discussion Paper Series, Bd. 28 (2009). International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank, Washington, D.C. 2009

Goyal, Sangeeta ; Pandey, Priyanka (2009) How Do Government and Private Schools Differ? Findings from Two Large Indian States. In: Discussion Paper Series, Bd. 30 (2009). International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank, Washington, D.C. 2009

Gugler, Thomas K. (2009) Mugahidin islamischer Mission: Die Barelwi Tabligi Gama'at Da'wat-e Islami.


Hauff, Michael /von (2009) Indiens ökonomische Entwicklung. In: Der Bürger im Staat, 59 (2009), Nr. 3-4. pp. 174-179. ISSN 0007-3121


Kakar, Shalini (2009) "Starring" Madhuri as Durga: The Madhuri Dixit Temple and Performative Fan-Bhakti of Pappu Sardar. In: International Journal of Hindu Studies, 13 (2009), Nr. 3. pp. 391-416. ISSN 1022-4556

Khalatbari, Babak ; Kremer, Jan-Frederik (2009) Pakistan vor dem Abgrund? Die Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik Washingtons gegenüber Islamabad nach den amerikanischen Präsidentschaftswahlen. In: KAS-Auslandsinformationen, 25 (2009), Nr. 3. pp. 49-65. ISSN 0177-7521

Khan, Asmeen ; Turkewitz, Joel ; Powis, Benjamin (2009) Activating Social Audits in Orissa.

Khandker, Shahidur R. ; Barnes, Douglas F. ; Samad, Hussain A. (2009) Welfare Impacts of Rural Electrification: A Case Study from Bangladesh.

Kümper-Schlake, Lennart ; Sander, Florian (2009) Zentrum, Peripherie und Wandel: Zur infrastrukturellen Einbindung einer peripheren Hochgebirgsregion: Militärstrategische Hintergründe und sozioökonomische Folgen in Ladakh, Indien.


Lokshin, Michael ; Radyakin, Sergiy (2009) Month of Birth and Children’s Health in India.


Mills, James (2009) Cannabis and the Cultures of Colonialism: Government, medicine, ritual and pleasures in the history of an Asian drug (c. 1800 – c. 1895). In: Zeitenblicke, 9 (2009), Nr. 3.

Mills, James P. (2009) J.P. Mills and the Chittagong Hill Tracts, 1926/27: Tour Diary, Reports, Photographs.

More, Parvin (2009) Sanitation Scenario in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh.


Rao, Vijayendra ; Sanyal, Paromita (2009) Dignity through Discourse: Poverty and the Culture of Deliberation in Indian Village Democracies.

Richter, Kaspar ; Martinez-Vazquez, Jorge (2009) Pakistan - Tax Policy Report: Tapping Tax Bases for Development.


(2009) Security in South Asia: Conventional and Unconventional Factors of Destabilization.

Sharma, Manohar ; Zaman, Hassan (2009) Who Migrates Overseas and is it Worth Their While? An Assessment of Household Survey Data from Bangladesh.

Siaens, Corinne ; Goyal, Sangeeta (2009) Findings from the Bhutan Learning Quality Survey.

(2009) Sri Lanka - Agricultural Commercialization: Improving Farmers’ Incomes in the Poorest Regions.


Weltbank (2009) The Service Revolution in South Asia.

The World Bank (2009) Anti-money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism: Pakistan.

The World Bank (2009) The Service Revolution in South Asia.


Wade, Paul (2009) Pakistan: NWFP Growth Policy Note.

Wagner, Christian (2009) Indiens Außenpolitik. In: Der Bürger im Staat, 59 (2009), Nr. 3-4. pp. 200-205. ISSN 0007-3121

Wujastyk, Dominik (2009) Interpreting the Image of the Human Body in Premodern India. In: International Journal of Hindu Studies, 13 (2009), Nr. 2. pp. 189-228. ISSN 1022-4556

Wu, King Bing ; Carlson, Sam (2009) Secondary Education in India: Universalizing Opportunity.


Yule, Paul (2009) Book Review of "Studies on Fortification in India" by Jean Deloche.

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