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1 Bangladesh: Drifting into Islamic Fundamentalism? Wolf, Siegfried O. 2013

2 Constitutional Assembly Elections in Nepal 2013: Some Pre-Poll Reflections Wolf, Siegfried O. 2013

2 [n.s.] The Killing of Avijit Roy: Silencing free-thinking and progressive conscience in Bangladesh Wolf, Siegfried O. 2015

3 On the Eve of Elections?: Mapping potential scenarios for Bangladesh uncertain political future Wolf, Siegfried O. 2013

3 [n.s.] The fruitlessness of unconditional aid for Pakistan Wolf, Siegfried O. 2015

4 [n.s.] 2015 Senate Polls in Pakistan - Urgent need for Reforms and some Recommendations Wolf, Siegfried O. 2015

5 [ns.s.] Will North-Waziristan turn into a Jihadist hub after Operation Zarb-e-Azb again? Wolf, Siegfried O. 2015

6[n.s.] 2015 Parliamentary Elections in Sri Lanka: A Referendum for Democracy Wolf, Siegfried O. 2015

7 [n.s.] Modi's India: Elections, expectations, endeavours: a Perspective Casaca, Paulo 2015

8 [n.s.] Pakistan, military rule and terrorism Casaca, Paulo 2015

9 [n.s.] Is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Pakistan’s lifeline? Yousaf, Farooq 2015

11 [n.s.] The "Boundary Settlement" between India and China: a dilemma Jash, Amrita 2015

12 [n.s.] Sectarianism in Pakistan: less visible, yet pretty evident Yousaf, Farooq 2015

13 [n.s.] The CPEC from an Indian perspective Beitelmair-Berini, Bernhard 2015

14 [n.s.] Human Rights in Balochistan: A role for the European Union? Da Silva, Laura 2015

16[n.s.] China's Membership in SAARC: An Anxiety for India Jash, Amrita 2016

17 [n.s.] India's Recurring Pak Conundrum: To talk or not to talk? Malhotra, Shairee 2016

19 [n.s.] The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): feasibility and the need for an assessment of India’s role Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

23 [n.s.] Pakistan - Friend or Foe? Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

24 [n.s.] BREXIT: what does it mean for regional integration and South Asia? Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

30 More Cooperation, More Terror? Enhanced Kabul-New Delhi Military Ties, Increasing Taliban Attacks, and the Role of Pakistan Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

32 Will Pakistan Ever Change its Foreign Policy? Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

42 New Civilian Cheekiness or back to Old Patterns? Cyril Almeida Case and Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

44 From Feint to Strategy: Revealing the Taliban’s Rationale in Joining the Peace Talks Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

52 Trump’s Upcoming Presidency: Will South Asia witness a new US Af-Pak policy? Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

56 In the shadow of Syria: Contextualising Islamic State attacks against Shias in Afghanistan Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

61 Change of Guards, Change of politics? A look at Pakistan’s latest reshuffle of its top brass Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

68 Double Standards? Understanding China’s Diplomatic Support for Pakistan’s Cross-Border Terrorists Wolf, Siegfried O. 2017

80 Phoenix Pakistan? Putting claim and realities in the right equation Wolf, Siegfried O. 2017

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