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Al-Kebsi, Huda (2016) A qualitative study of Pakistani immigrant women's experiences of childbirth in Germany.

Anam, Mujibul (2010) Masculinity in Majma: An Ethnography of Street Healing in Bangladesh.


Basu, Nṛpendrakumāra (1938) Yauna-biśbakoṣa.

Basu, Nṛpendrakumāra (1953) Yaubanera yadupuri.

Belay, Tekabe ; Tandon, Ajay (2015) Assessing Fiscal Space for Health in Nepal.

Belli, Paolo ; Heywood, Peter (2004) West Bengal: Health Policy Note.

Bhaskaran Nair, Hari Kumar (2010) Marunnum Mantravum - an ethnographic enquiry into the patterns of affliction and therapeutics in a traditional healing practice in Malabar, north Kerala.


Chaudhury, Nazmul ; Hammer, Jeffrey (2003) Ghost Doctors: Absenteeism in Bangladeshi Health Facilities.


Das, Ashis ; Friedman, Jed ; Kandpal, Eeshani ; Ramana, G. N. V. ; Das Gupta, R. K. ; Pradhan, Madan M. ; Govindaraj, Ramesh (2014) Strengthening Malaria Service Delivery through Supportive Supervision and Community Mobilization in an Endemic Indian Setting: An Evaluation of Nested Delivery Models.

Das Gupta, Monica ; Shukla, Rajendra ; Somanathan, T. V. ; Datta, K. K. (2009) How might India’s public health systems be strengthened?

Das, Jishnu ; Hammer, Jeffrey (2005) Money for Nothing: The Dire Straits of Medical Practice in Delhi, India.

Das, Jishnu ; Hammer, Jeffrey (2004) Strained Mercy: The Quality of Medical Care in Delhi.

Sircar, Bhoobun Mohun (1872) Dengue and its Treatment: being the substance of a lecture delivered at a meeting of the National Society, held on June 9, 1872.

DeSouza, Ruth (2002) Hearing Different Voices: Methodological Pluralism in Nursing Education and Research.

DeSouza, Ruth (2006) New Spaces and Possibilities: The Adjustment to Parenthood for New Migrant Mothers.

Dorji, Chencho (2004) Achieving Gross National Happiness Through Community-based Mental Health Services in Bhutan. In: Gross National Happiness and Development - Proceedings of the First International Conference on Operationalization of Gross National Happiness. Centre for Bhutan Studies, Thimphu 2004, pp. 600-628 . ISBN 99936-14-22-X

Dorji, Chencho (2005) The Myth Behind Alcohol Happiness. In: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Gross National Happiness. Centre for Bhutan Studies, Thimphu 2005, pp. 64-77


Egressy, Kinga (2012) Out of control? A qualitative study of diabetes management among Pakistani migrants in North-West England.

Engelgau, Michael M. ; Okamoto, Kyoko ; Navaratne, Kumari Vinodhani ; Gopalan, Sundararajan (2010) Prevention and Control of Selected Chronic NCDs in Sri Lanka: Policy Options and Action.


Hopf, Arian (2015) Die yunāni-Heilpraxis im medizinischen und gesellschaftlichen Kontext des kolonialzeitlichen Südasien: Eine Analyse der diskursiven Verflechtungen vierer Werke Iḥsan ʿAlis.


Karki, Yagya B. ; Pant, Kiran Dev ; Pande, Badri Raj (2003) A Study on the Economics of Tobacco in Nepal.

Kunwar, Rajiv (2010) Undocumented Migrants' Access to Healthcare in Germany: Limitations and Strategies.


La Forgia, Gerard ; Raha, Shomikho ; Shaik, Shabbeer ; Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar ; Ali, Rabia (2014) Parallel Systems and Human Resource Management in India's Public Health Services: A View from the Front Lines.

Lokshin, Michael ; Radyakin, Sergiy (2009) Month of Birth and Children’s Health in India.


Mahindapala, Ranjith (2004) Medicinal Plants: Conservation and Sustainable Use in Sri Lanka.

Malek, Farjina (2010) Disability and Rehabilitation: An Ethnography of the "Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed" in Bangladesh.

Masud, Tayyeb ; Navaratne, Kumari Vinodhani (2012) The Expanded Program on Immunization in Pakistan: Recommendations for Improving Performance.

Modi, Jivanji Jamshedji (1924) Leprosy, an old Iranian view of it. The Legend suggesting Cow-Urine as its supposed preventive. In: Anthropological papers, Part III: Papers Read Before the Anthropological Society of Bombay. British India Press, Bombay 1924, pp. 93-114

Modi, Jivanji Jamshedji (1918) Sex in Birth and Sex after Death. In: Anthropological Papers, Part II: Papers read before the Anthropological Society of Bombay., Bd. 2. The British India Press, Bombay 1918, pp. 201-217

Mukherji, Supriya ; Priyadarshi, Meera ; Singh, Suneeta (2005) Communication in Public Health Programs: The Leprosy Project in India.


Paina, Mihaela (2008) Ayurveda in India - past and present.

Parveen, Tahirah (1996) Clinical Provision of Ethnosensitive Counselling: from the Margins to the Centre.

Petney, Ariane (2010) Experiences with HIV/AIDS and the HIV/AIDS-related stigma among infected and affected children in India.


Rao, Krishna D. ; Ramani, Sudha ; Murthy, Seema ; Hazarika, Indrajit ; Khandpur, Neha ; Chokshi, Maulik ; Khanna, Saujanya ; Vujicic, Marko ; Berman, Peter ; Ryan, Mandy (2010) Health Worker Attitudes toward Rural Service in India: Results from Qualitative Research.

Rao, Krishna D. ; Shroff, Zubin ; Ramani, Sudha ; Khandpur, Neha ; Murthy, Seema ; Hazarika, Indrajit ; Choksi, Maulik ; Ryan, Mandy ; Berman, Peter ; Vujicic, Marko (2012) How to Attract Health Workers to Rural Areas? Findings from a Discrete Choice Experiment from India.


Schmidt Stiedenroth, Kira Natalia (2010) Infertility in Pakistan: Experience and Health Seeking Behavior among Baloch Women in a Karachi Slum.

Sen, Aloka Parasher (2008) Basic concepts of Ayurveda and Siddha.

Shaw, Alison ; Ahmed, Mushtaq (2004) Translating Genetics Leaflets Into Languages Other Than English: Lessons From an Assessment of Urdu Materials.

Srikantaiah, Deepa (2005) Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Indigenous Systems of Medicine.

Studer, Genevieve (2010) Drowning in Enchanted Waters: The Role of Practiced Islam in Mental Health Nosology and Treatment Seeking Behaviors Demonstrated in Urban Bangladesh.

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