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Ahmed, Faizuddin ; Trimble, Chris ; Yoshida, Nobuo (2013) The Transition from Underpricing Residential Electricity in Bangladesh: Fiscal and Distributional Impacts.

Arbeitsgruppe, Burma (2013) Aufbruch in Myanmar Mit europäischen Investitionen zu Wohlstand und Frieden?


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(2013) Bhutan Gender Policy Note.

Biller, Dan ; Nabi, Ijaz (2013) Investing in Infrastructure: Harnessing Its Potential for Growth in Sri Lanka.


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Ghani, Ejaz ; Mani, Anandi ; O'Connell, Stephen D. (2013) Can Political Empowerment Help Economic Empowerment? Women Leaders and Female Labor Force Participation in India.

Ghani, Ejaz ; Kerr, William R. ; O’Connell, Stephen D. (2013) Political Reservations and Women’s Entrepreneurship in India.

Ghani, Ejaz ; Iyer, Lakshmi ; Mishra, Saurabh (2013) Promoting Shared Prosperity in South Asia.


Muzzini, Elisa ; Aparicio, Gabriela (2013) Urban Growth and Spatial Transition in Nepal: An Initial Assessment.


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Schmidt, Lars Peter ; Gaier, Malte (2013) Regionalwahlen in Delhi und anderen Bundesstaaten: Wegweiser für die Parlamentswahl 2014?


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Valente, Christine (2013) Education and Civil Conflict in Nepal.


Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Bangladesh: Drifting into Islamic Fundamentalism?

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Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) General Elections in Pakistan 2013: Some Reflections.

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Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Gwadar Port - a potential game changer? In: The Independent, March 24, Dhaka (2013), p. 14

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Imran Khan - a twist in the tale? In: The Independent, April 19, Dhaka (2013), p. 14

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) On the Eve of Elections?: Mapping potential scenarios for Bangladesh uncertain political future.

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Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Taliban Talks: The Completion of a Defeat?

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Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) The emerging Islamist plexus in Bangladesh?

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) The End of Technocracy? No Room for a "Bangladesh Option" in Pakistan.

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Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Will elections be enough for democracy in Pakistan? In: The Independent, May 10, Dhaka (2013), p. 14

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