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Biller, Dan ; Nabi, Ijaz (2013) Investing in Infrastructure: Harnessing Its Potential for Growth in Sri Lanka.

El-Saharty, Sameh ; Ahsan, Karar Zunaid ; Koehlmoos, Tracey L. P. ; Engelgau, Michael M. (2013) Tackling Noncommunicable Diseases in Bangladesh: Now is the Time.

Muzzini, Elisa ; Aparicio, Gabriela (2013) Urban Growth and Spatial Transition in Nepal: An Initial Assessment.


Arbeitsgruppe, Burma (2013) Aufbruch in Myanmar Mit europäischen Investitionen zu Wohlstand und Frieden?

Rösel, Jakob ; Gottschlich, Pierre (2013) Die Parlamentswahlen in Pakistan 2013 im historischen Kontext. In: KAS-Auslandsinformationen, Nr. 8 Bonn (2013), pp. 86-116. ISSN 0177-7521

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Bhutan Election 2013 - Happiness under stress? In: The Independent, April 26, Dhaka (2013), p. 14

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) China's influence on Pakistan. In: The Independent, March 22, Dhaka (2013), p. 14

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Election Year in Bhutan - Litmus Test of Happiness? In: ISAS Insights, 211 (2013), pp. 1-6

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Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) General elections in Pakistan: Elections yes, democracy not yet! In: The Independent, May 24, Dhaka (2013), p. 14

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Gwadar Port - a potential game changer? In: The Independent, March 24, Dhaka (2013), p. 14

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Imran Khan - a twist in the tale? In: The Independent, April 19, Dhaka (2013), p. 14

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Rebel or stakeholder? No need for a Pakistani Tahrir Square for Qadri's people's democratic revolution. In: The Independent, February 8, Dhaka (2013), p. 14

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Semblance of civilian control? Military, elections and the latest coup conspiracy in Pakistan. In: The Independent, February 22, Dhaka (2013), p. 14

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Taliban and democracy: the unequal equation. In: The Independent, June 28, Dhaka (2013), p. 12

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) The burden of history: Political legacies and polarisation. In: The Independent, April 13, Dhaka (2013), p. 14

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) The international context of Bangladesh Liberation War. In: The Independent, March 29, Dhaka (2013), p. 14

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Will elections be enough for democracy in Pakistan? In: The Independent, May 10, Dhaka (2013), p. 14

Working paper

Ballaney, Shirley ; Bertaud, Marie-Agnes ; Annez, Patricia Clarke ; Koshy, C. K. ; Nair, Bindu ; Patel, Bimal ; Phatak, Vidyadhar ; Thawakar, Vasudha (2013) Inventory of Public Land in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Ghani, Ejaz ; Mani, Anandi ; O'Connell, Stephen D. (2013) Can Political Empowerment Help Economic Empowerment? Women Leaders and Female Labor Force Participation in India.

Ghani, Ejaz ; Kerr, William R. ; O’Connell, Stephen D. (2013) Political Reservations and Women’s Entrepreneurship in India.

Ghani, Ejaz ; Iyer, Lakshmi ; Mishra, Saurabh (2013) Promoting Shared Prosperity in South Asia.

Valdés, Alberto (2013) Agriculture Trade and Price Policy in Pakistan.

Valente, Christine (2013) Education and Civil Conflict in Nepal.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Bangladesh: Drifting into Islamic Fundamentalism?

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Civil-military relations and democracy in Bangladesh.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Clouds over the Rainbow: LGBT Communities in Bangladesh.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Constitutional Assembly Elections in Nepal 2013: Some Pre-Poll Reflections.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) General Elections in Pakistan 2013: Some Reflections.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) On the Eve of Elections?: Mapping potential scenarios for Bangladesh uncertain political future.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Taliban Talks: The Completion of a Defeat?

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) The emerging Islamist plexus in Bangladesh?

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) The End of Technocracy? No Room for a "Bangladesh Option" in Pakistan.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2013) Towards a deep state? The intrinsic ties between Imran Khan and the Taliban.


Ahmed, Faizuddin ; Trimble, Chris ; Yoshida, Nobuo (2013) The Transition from Underpricing Residential Electricity in Bangladesh: Fiscal and Distributional Impacts.

(2013) Bhutan Gender Policy Note.

Schmidt, Lars Peter ; Gaier, Malte (2013) Regionalwahlen in Delhi und anderen Bundesstaaten: Wegweiser für die Parlamentswahl 2014?

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