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Ahmed, Ather Maqsood ; Ather, Robina (2014) Study on Tax Expenditures in Pakistan.

Ananthpur, Kripa ; Malik, Kabir ; Rao, Vijayendra (2014) The Anatomy of Failure: An Ethnography of a Randomized Trial to Deepen Democracy in Rural India.

Andrés, Luis ; Biller, Dan ; Herrera Dappe, Matías (2014) Infrastructure Gap in South Asia: Infrastructure Needs, Prioritization, and Financing.

Aspin, Jonathan (2014) Universal Health Coverage for Inclusive and Sustainable Development: Country Summary Report for Bangladesh.


Basu, Kaushik ; Eichengreen, Barry ; Gupta, Poonam (2014) From Tapering to Tightening: The Impact of the Fed's Exit on India.

Biller, Dan ; Andrés, Luis ; Herrera Dappe, Matías (2014) Infrastructure Gap in South Asia: Inequality of Access to Infrastructure Services.


Calì, Massimiliano ; Farole, Thomas ; Kunaka, Charles ; Waglé, Swarnim (2014) Integrating Border Regions: Connectivity and Competitiveness in South Asia.


Das, Ashis ; Friedman, Jed ; Kandpal, Eeshani (2014) Does Involvement of Local NGOs Enhance Public Service Delivery? Cautionary Evidence from a Malaria-Prevention Evaluation in India.

Deininger, Klaus ; Xia, Fang ; Jin, Songqing ; Nagarajan, Hari K. (2014) Inheritance Law Reform, Empowerment, and Human Capital Accumulation: Second-Generation Effects from India.

Dutta, Puja ; Murgai, Rinku ; Ravallion, Martin ; Walle, Dominique van de (2014) Right to Work? Assessing India's Employment Guarantee Scheme in Bihar.


El-Saharty, Sameh ; Zunaid-Ahsan, Karar ; May, John F. (2014) Population, Family Planning and Reproductive Health Policy Harmonization in Bangladesh.


Gajwani, Kiran ; Zhang, Xiaobo (2014) Gender and Public Goods Provision in Tamil Nadu's Village Governments.


(2014) Inclusive Heritage-Based City Development Program in India.


Sausmikat, Nora ; Gebauer, Inga (2014) Twinning: Partnerships between Chinese and European NGOs - Green Financing - Right to Clean Water - Human Rights - Urban Youth Culture - Social Inclusion.

Schepp, Marcel (2014) Demokratie in Südasien: Eine Bestandsaufnahme. In: KAS-Auslandsinformationen, Nr. 4 Berlin (2014), pp. 54-93. ISSN 0177-7521

Schmidt, Lars Peter ; Gaier, Malte (2014) Innere Aufbruchstimmung und außenpolitische Neujustierung: Hintergründe und Perspektiven zur neuen indischen Regierung. In: KAS-Auslandsinformationen, Nr. 6 Berlin (2014), pp. 98-118. ISSN 0177-7521

Shinwari, Naveed Ahmad (2014) CAMP's Decade of Change in Pakistan, 2002-2013.


The World Bank (2014) Local Service Delivery in Nepal.


Walker, Thomas ; Sahin, Sebnem ; Saqib, Mohammad ; Mayer, Kristy (2014) Reforming Electricity Subsidies in Pakistan: Measures to Protect the Poor.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2014) China’s Role in Pakistan: International and Domestic Implications. In: Mishra, Sylvia (Hrsg.): Studies in Pakistan: Responses, Articles. Foreign Policy Research Centre, New Delhi 2014

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2014) China’s Strategic Interests and its impacts on Bangladesh.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2014) Drone Strikes and Terrorism in Pakistan: Rather a Part of the Problem than a Solution?

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2014) EU-Pakistan Relations and GSP Plus: Towards an End of Europe’s ‘Whitewashing’? In: Mishra, Sylvia (Hrsg.): Studies in Pakistan: Responses, Articles. Foreign Policy Research Centre, New Delhi 2014

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2014) From Post- to Pre-Elections: Are new polls the way forward in Bangladesh?

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2014) India-Nepal relations and the Impact of Hindu-Nationalism.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2014) Just Another Carte Blanche? EU GSP Plus Status and Human Rights in Pakistan.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2014) Old Habits Die Hard!: First year of Nawaz Sharif's third tenure.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2014) Suffering from Statelessness: Rohingyas in Bangladesh.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2014) The Rohingyas Crisis: A Security Perspective from Bangladesh.

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