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CrossAsia-Repository, the full-text server of the Virtual Library CrossAsia is the platform for publishing and archiving research literature in Asian Studies. Academics from all over the world are offered the possibility to publish their research on all fields of Asian Studies free of charge and without access limitation.

CrossAsia is financially supported by the Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) with the aim of providing a comprehensive and qualified supply of information to researchers. Currently, there are 4,445 open access documents available on CrossAsia-Repository.

Most recent items

1. Casaca, Paulo (2021) On the UN Genocide Remembrance Day.
[thumbnail of 223_Comment.223.pdf]
2. Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) After Kabul – What next for Pakistan?
[thumbnail of 220_Comment.220.pdf]
3. Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Beijing’s expansionism in the Himalayas.
[thumbnail of 219_Comment.219.pdf]
4. Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) From Taliban 2.0 to EU DisInfolab – The outreach of Global Jihadism.
[thumbnail of 218_Comment.218.pdf]
5. Wolf, Siegfried O. (2021) Tottering Taliban – leverage to improve the plight of the Afghan people?
[thumbnail of 221_Comment.221.pdf]