Technology Transfer in Bangladesh to Accelerate Energy Transition

George, Geena

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Retail manufacturing is an industry that puts high demand on energy resources. Bangladesh is one of the world’s largest garment exporters; its ready-made garment sector (RMG) accounts for 84% its exports. Nevertheless, in 2020, Bangladesh ranked only 87 out of 115 countries in the World Economic Forum’s Energy Transition Index. This indicates both a major challenge and a potential for the country and its largest industry. In order to accelerate energy transition, substantial investments into renewable energy sources and technologies, as well as knowledge transfer in the form of training and capacity building, are crucial. Through an analysis of the current state of the energy sector, technology transfer, foreign aid, and government policies, the paper explores the future of technology transfer in Bangladesh and its potential in the garment industry. It discusses a focus shift of aid programmes, foreign direct investment (FDI) in research & development (R&D), as well as policies enabling an investment environment. All of these constitute pathways for a fast energy transition.

Document type: Article
Publisher: South Asia Democratic Forum (SADF)
Place of Publication: Brussels
Date: 2021
Version: Secondary publication
Date Deposited: 20 Oct 2021 13:47
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Controlled Keywords: Bangladesch, Textilindustrie, Bekleidungsindustrie, Industrialisierung
Uncontrolled Keywords: Bangladesch, Textilindustrie, Konfektionskleidung, Wissenstransfer, Technologietransfer, Energiewende, erneuerbare Energie / Bangladesh, textile industry, ready-made garments, knowledge transfer, technology transfer, energy transition, renewable energy
Subject (classification): Education and Research
Science and Technology
Countries/Regions: Bangladesh
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Volume: 77
Additional Information: DOI: 10.48251/SADF.ISSN.2406-5633.F77 (der Erstausgabe)