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Amin, Mohammad ; Mattoo, Aaditya (2008) Human Capital and the Changing Structure of the Indian Economy.

Ballard, Roger (2008) The Logic of Cremation in Indic Contexts: An Anthropological Analysis.

Bandyopadhyay, Saugata (2008) Microfinance in the Improvement of Living Standard and GNH. In: Towards Global Transformation: Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Gross National Happiness. The Centre for Bhutan Studies, Thimphu 2008, pp. 248-271 . ISBN 99936-14-42-4

Banerjee, Abhijit V. ; Banerji, Rukmini ; Duflo, Esther ; Glennerster, Rachel ; Khemani, Stuti (2008) Pitfalls of Participatory Programs: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Education in India.

Ban, Radu ; Das Gupta, Monica ; Rao, Vijayendra (2008) The Political Economy of Village Sanitation in South India: Capture or Poor Information?

Breitinger, Jan Carlos (2008) Identitätsbildung durch Erinnerung: die Great Indian Uprising von 1857 als (literarischer) Erinnerungsort.

Cyranski, Christoph (2008) HIV/AIDS und 'traditionelle' Medizin in Indien: Dynamiken des Spannungsfelds von globaler Epidemie und lokalem Handeln.

Das, Jishnu ; Zajonc, Tristan (2008) India Shining and Bharat Drowning: Comparing Two Indian States to the Worldwide Distribution in Mathematics Achievement.

Das, Maitreyi Bordia (2008) Minority Status and Labor Market Outcomes: Does India Have Minority Enclaves?

Datta, Prabhat (2008) Rural Politics in Post-Colonial India: Changes and Challenges.

Desai, Radhika (2008) Hindutva as a Cultural Nationalism: Indian Origins of a Paradigm.

Dutta, Puja Vasudeva (2008) The Performance of Social Pensions in India: The Case of Rajasthan.

Fehr, Ernst ; Hoff, Karla ; Kshetramade, Mayuresh (2008) Spite and Development.

Geist, Janina (2008) Queer in Indien: Selbst- und Fremdkonstruktionen indischer Queers in Politik, Gesellschaft und Medien unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Internets.

Gelders, Raf (2008) Orientalism and the Indian Traditions: Continuities and Discontinuities in the European Discourse on India.

Guggenbühl, Claudia (2008) Mircea Eliade and Surendranath Dasgupta: the history of their encounter; Dasgupta's life, his philosophy and his works on Yoga; a comparative analysis of Eliade's chapter on Patanjali's Yogasutra and Dasgupta's Yoga as Philosophy and Religion.

Hanneder, Jürgen (2008) Candradāsa’s Tārāstuti. In: Dimitrov, Dragomir ; Hahn, Michael ; Steiner, Roland (Hrsgg.): Essays and Studies on Buddhist Sanskrit Literature. Dedicated to Claus Vogel by Colleagues, Students, and Friends.. Indica et Tibetica Verlag 2008, pp. 171-185 (Indica et Tibetica ; 36) . ISBN 978-3-923776-36-8

Jain, Kajri (2008) Archive, Repertoire or Warehouse? Producers of Indian Popular Images as Stakeholders in a Virtual Database.

Juneja, Monica (2008) Das Visuelle in Sprache übersetzen? Der wissenschaftliche Diskurs und die Polyvalenz indischer Bilder. In: Zeitenblicke, 7 (2008), Nr. 2.

Lanjouw, Peter ; Murgai, Rinku (2008) Poverty Decline, Agricultural Wages, and Non-Farm Employment in Rural India 1983–2004.

Bakker, Hans, Hrsg. (2008) Mansar - The Discovery of Pravaresvara and Pravarapura Temple and Residence of the Vakataka King Pravarasena II. Proceedings of a Symposium at the British Museum, London, 30 June - 1 July, 2008.

Martini, Marco (2008) Die Fusion von Kaste und Rasse in Britisch-Indien: der koloniale Diskurs und seine Implikationen.

Mittapalli, Rajeshwar (2008) Subaltern Subjectivity and Resistance: Dalit Social History in Postcolonial Indian Fiction in English.

Müller, Harald ; Rauch, Carsten (2008) Indiens Weg zur Wirtschaftsmacht. In: Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte, 22 (2008), pp. 7-13. ISSN 0479-611x

Noonan, Michael (2008) Case Compounding in the Bodic Languages.

Paina, Mihaela (2008) Ayurveda in India - past and present.

Pandey, Priyanka ; Goyal, Sangeeta ; Sundararaman, Venkatesh (2008) Community Participation in Public Schools: The Impact of Information Campaigns in Three Indian States.

Pandey, Priyanka ; Goyal, Sangeeta ; Sundararaman, Venkatesh (2008) Public Participation, Teacher Accountability, and School Outcomes: Findings from Baseline Surveys in Three Indian States.

Pankaj, Prabhat K. ; Debnath, Roma Mitra (2008) Optimal Condition of Happiness: Application of Taguchi Robust Parameter Design on Evidences from India. In: Gross National Happiness: Practice and Measurement: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Gross National Happiness. Centre for Bhutan Studies, Thimphu 2008, pp. 582-610 . ISBN 978-99936-14-52-4

Priester-Lasch, Maximilian (2008) Tradition vs. Rationalität? Wahlentscheidungen und Strategien der Velar Tamil Nadus.

Ramaswamy, Sumathi (2008) When a Language Becomes a Mother / Goddess: An Image Essay on Tamil.

Ranta-Tyrkkö, Satu (2008) Building critical citizenship through community theatre? : case of theatre group Natya Chetana.

Ravishankar, V. J. (2008) Orissa in Transition: Challenges for 2006–2010.

Samanta, Soumyajit (2008) The Bengal Renaissance: a critique.

Setty, Govinda (2008) Some Aspects of Geography and the Fragmented Polity in Karnataka (16th to 18th century).

Shadaksharaiah (2008) Farming class and the fragmented polity: a study of Yalahanka Nada Prabhus of Karnataka.

Simonow, Joanna (2008) Die bengalische Hungersnot von 1943: Ansätze zur Ursachenklärung.

(2008) Skill Development in India: The Vocational Education and Training System.

Somashekhara, A. (2008) Harvesting and Management of Monsoon Waters as "Keredharma" for Irrigation: Legends and Myths Surrounding the Process.

Tetzlaff, Stefan (2008) Legislative Redress Rather Than Progress? From Slavery to Bondage in Colonial India.

The World Bank (2008) Indian Road Construction Industry: Capacity Issues, Constraints and Recommendations.

Umali-Deininger, Dina (2008) India: Taking Agriculture to the Market.

Wolf, Siegfried O. (2008) Hindu-Nationalismus - Gefahr für die größte Demokratie? In: Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte, 22 (2008), pp. 26-32. ISSN 0479-611x

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