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Ananthpur, Kripa ; Malik, Kabir ; Rao, Vijayendra (2014) The Anatomy of Failure: An Ethnography of a Randomized Trial to Deepen Democracy in Rural India.

Ayyagari, Meghana ; Demirguc-Kunt, Asli ; Maksimovic, Vojislav (2014) Does Local Financial Development Matter for Firm Lifecycle in India?


Badgett, M. V. Lee (2014) The Economic Cost of Stigma and the Exclusion of LGBT People: A Case Study of India.

Basu, Kaushik ; Eichengreen, Barry ; Gupta, Poonam (2014) From Tapering to Tightening: The Impact of the Fed's Exit on India.

Bergkvist, Sofi ; Wagstaff, Adam ; Katyal, Anuradha ; Singh, Prabal V. ; Samarth, Amit ; Rao, Mala (2014) What a Difference a State Makes: Health Reform in Andhra Pradesh.


Das, Ashis ; Friedman, Jed ; Kandpal, Eeshani (2014) Does Involvement of Local NGOs Enhance Public Service Delivery? Cautionary Evidence from a Malaria-Prevention Evaluation in India.

Das, Ashis ; Friedman, Jed ; Kandpal, Eeshani ; Ramana, G. N. V. ; Das Gupta, R. K. ; Pradhan, Madan M. ; Govindaraj, Ramesh (2014) Strengthening Malaria Service Delivery through Supportive Supervision and Community Mobilization in an Endemic Indian Setting: An Evaluation of Nested Delivery Models.

Deininger, Klaus ; Monchuk, Daniel ; Nagarajan, Hari K. ; Singh, Sudhir K. (2014) Does Land Fragmentation Increase the Cost of Cultivation? Evidence from India.

Deininger, Klaus ; Xia, Fang ; Jin, Songqing ; Nagarajan, Hari K. (2014) Inheritance Law Reform, Empowerment, and Human Capital Accumulation: Second-Generation Effects from India.

Dutta, Puja ; Murgai, Rinku ; Ravallion, Martin ; Walle, Dominique van de (2014) Right to Work? Assessing India's Employment Guarantee Scheme in Bihar.


Gajwani, Kiran ; Zhang, Xiaobo (2014) Gender and Public Goods Provision in Tamil Nadu's Village Governments.

Ghani, Ejaz ; Kerr, William R. ; Tewari, Ishani (2014) Regional Diversity and Inclusive Growth in Indian Cities.

Ghani, Ejaz ; Goswami, Arti Grover ; Kerr, William R. (2014) Spatial Dynamics of Electricity Usage in India.

Goebel, Linde S. (2014) Shvetapradara: Negotiating Ayurveda and Biomedicine in Contemporary Ayurvedic Gynecology.

Gupta, A. ; Prennushi, G. (2014) Women's Empowerment and Socio-Economic Outcomes: Impacts of the Andhra Pradesh Rural Poverty Reduction Program.


Hanneder, Jürgen (2014) A Pandit’s Journey: Peri Sarveshvara Sharma in Germany. In: Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, 95 (2014), pp. 5-23. ISSN 0378-1143

Hanneder, Jürgen (2014) Karl Friedrich Geldner.

Hanneder, Jürgen (2014) The Legacy of Otto Stein - New Evidence. In: Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, 164 (2014), Nr. 3. pp. 811-816. ISSN 0341-0137

Hanneder, Jürgen (2014) Zum Konzept der religiösen Minderheit im Hinduismus. In: Franke, Edith (Hrsg.): Religiöse Minderheiten und gesellschaftlicher Wandel. Harrassowitz 2014, pp. 28-35 . ISBN 978-3-447-10206-3


(2014) Inclusive Heritage-Based City Development Program in India.

(2014) India: Women, Work and Employment.


Kramer, Max (2014) Sprachliche Imagination im Film: Tapori Hindi und die Verwendung sprachlicher Register im populären indischen Kino.

Krishan, Anjali ; Rastogi, Apurva ; Singh, Suneeta ; Malik, Lakshita (2014) The Resilience of LGBTQIA Students on Delhi Campuses.

Kulke, Hermann (2014) Der Maurya-Staat ( 4.-2. Jh. v. Chr.): Gesamtindisches Großreich oder Imperium? In: Imperien und Reiche in der Weltgeschichte - Epochenübergreifende und globalhistorische Vergleiche. Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden 2014, pp. 503-514 (Imperien des Altertums, Mittelalterliche und frühneuzeitliche Imperien ; 1)


La Forgia, Gerard ; Raha, Shomikho ; Shaik, Shabbeer ; Maheshwari, Sunil Kumar ; Ali, Rabia (2014) Parallel Systems and Human Resource Management in India's Public Health Services: A View from the Front Lines.

Lawson, Nicholas ; Spears, Dean (2014) What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Poorer: Adult Wages and the Early-Life Disease Environment in India.


Milazzo, Annamaria (2014) Why Are Adult Women Missing? Son Preference and Maternal Survival in India.


Saleman, Yannick ; Jordan, Luke (2014) The Implementation of Industrial Parks: Some Lessons Learned in India.

Sankar, Deepa ; Linden, Toby (2014) How much and what kind of teaching is there in elementary education in India? Evidence from three States. In: Discussion Paper Series , Bd. 67 (2014). International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank, Washington, D.C. 2014

Schmidt, Lars Peter ; Gaier, Malte (2014) Innere Aufbruchstimmung und außenpolitische Neujustierung: Hintergründe und Perspektiven zur neuen indischen Regierung. In: KAS-Auslandsinformationen, Nr. 6 Berlin (2014), pp. 98-118. ISSN 0177-7521

(2014) Strengthening Teacher Capacity in Bihar through ICT: Designing Innovative Solutions to Unique Challenges. In: Discussion Paper Series, Bd. 73 (2014). International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank, Washington, D.C. 2014


Wolf, Siegfried O. (2014) India-Nepal relations and the Impact of Hindu-Nationalism.


Yule, Paul (2014) Sisupalgarh/Bhubaneshwar, A Nationally Protected Monument.

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