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1[n.s.] Putting Pakistan’s Ban of the Haqqani Network into Perspective Wolf, Siegfried O. 2015

2 From Post- to Pre-Elections: Are new polls the way forward in Bangladesh? Wolf, Siegfried O. 2014

3 [n.s.] In the Aftermath of Karzai: Any Improvement for Women and their Rights in Afghanistan? Wolf, Siegfried O. 2015

4 [n.s.] Why is it important to emphasise the different ways in which pupils and their families value education in South Asia? An anthropological perspective Walravens, Meia 2015

5 [n.s.] 2015 Earthquake in Nepal: Mapping the Political Aftermath Wolf, Siegfried O. 2015

6 [n.s.] Pakistan’s political stiffness: The ‘social agreement’ for FATA’s North Waziristan Wolf, Siegfried O. 2015

8 [n.s.] Why A Cyberterrorism Focused ‘Data Governance Policy’ Would Win in India Where a “Draft National Encryption Policy” Could Not Panda, Shashanka Shekhar 2015

10 [n.s.] What Went Wrong in Crucial Bihar Election for Mr. Narendra Modi, Why, What’s At Stake and What he Must Do Panda, Shashanka Shekhar 2015

11 [n.s.] Reinventing Rio: For an inclusive sustainable development strategy Casaca, Paulo 2015

16 [n.s.] Rising Islamism in Bangladesh is a European concern too Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

17 [n.s.] Crackdown on Islamists: Bangladesh’s new campaign against Jihadi terror in perspective Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

21 Betwixt and Between: The FATA Reform Process and the China- Pakistan Economic Corridor Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

25 China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and its impact on Gilgit-Baltistan Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

27 From China to Turkey: The Uighurs in a Position of a New Asia’s Rising Force in the Global Jihad Wolf, Siegfried O. 2016

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